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We're happy to welcome you as a client, but you should also feel comfortable with us as a bank. Read our story and get to know us better.

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A brief introduction to NIBC Direct…

  • A Dutch bank, established in 1945

    NIBC Direct is part of NIBC Bank, and it has been offering mortgages since 2013. NIBC Bank was established in 1945, with the aim of providing finance to entrepreneurs assisting with post-war reconstruction in the Netherlands.

  • A small club with big dreams

    NIBC Direct is a vibrant bank which sees a world of possibilities. With our strong “think yes” mentality and both feet on the ground, we always go beyond what is expected of us.

  • More than 300,000 clients have previously walked in your shoes

    From our foundation in 2008 onwards, we have had just one goal: satisfied customers. More than 300,000 customers have opted for a savings or mortgage product from NIBC Direct, and they give us a rating of 8. We are proud to be helping all of our customers.

More about us
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I want to buy a property. What are the next steps?

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  • Perhaps you already have your perfect property in mind, or you are thinking about buying your first home in the near future. The route to your dream home begins with a visit to a mortgage advisor. At the orientation interview, you’ll learn exactly how much you can borrow and what you’ll need in order to make your dream come true. A mortgage advisor can give you tailor-made advice. Find an advisor near you.

  • This is the best part of the process. You’re searching for your dream home and suddenly you’ve found it! Exciting! Now the journey really begins…

  • Has your bid been accepted? If so, it’s time to make a purchase agreement, otherwise known as a ‘preliminary contract of sale’. This document contains all the agreements made regarding the sale and purchase of the property, so be sure to read it carefully, before signing.

  • The purchase agreement is complete and the price of the property is fixed. Now it’s time to make some decisions. What type of mortgage would you prefer? How long will the fixed-rate period be? Which mortgage provider best suits your needs? Your mortgage advisor will help you arrange your financing.

  • Are you happy with the mortgage offer that your advisor has found for you? Have you reviewed it carefully? In that case it’s simply a matter of signing, then paying a visit to the notary.

  • You’ve reached the exciting final step! Once NIBC has approved your mortgage, all the documents will be sent to the notary, where you and the seller will sign the transfer of ownership. Congratulations, now you own your dream home!

Why choose NIBC Direct?

  • Digital access

    You can access all your information via the personal app or portal. Adjust your mortgage, make extra repayments, or submit expense claims for renovations… Everything can easily be managed digitally via MyNIBCDirect (‘MijnNIBCDirect’).

  • Rewards for repayments

    Want to make an extra repayment? With NIBC Direct, this is no problem. Each year you can pay up to 15% of your mortgage off without facing a penalty. With an NIBC Direct Extra mortgage, you can pay off up to 20%. If you make extra repayments, you will automatically be rewarded with lower interest.

  • Construction depot

    We understand that when you are renovating you already have your hands full, and it’s better if your building fund doesn’t take too long to arrange. This is why making related declarations via the app only takes up to 2 minutes!

Discover our app
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Find an advisor

You can only take out an NIBC Direct mortgage via an independent advisor. Every mortgage application is unique and tailored to your personal situation. At NIBC Direct, high quality mortgage advice is essential, which is why we work with independent advisors.

You can make an appointment via our website, and the first meeting is free. Download our checklist of handy tips for your first appointment with a mortgage advisor, so that you are well prepared. Find an advisor.

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